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Glenfarclas Whisky

Glenfarclas is one of the few remaining family owned distilleries in Scotland. Established for more than a century it has a strong heritage and a devoted and discerning clientele.

Having been invited to tender for the redesign of the Glenfarclas website, Designers on the Run were then successful in their bid to reposition Glenfarclas as a leader in the Malt Whisky industry and to convey Glenfarclas' key messages of superior quality, family ownership and provenance.

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The former site was not on par with the recent rebranding of Glenfarclas, it had become somewhat redundant-failing to convey the strength and attributes of the Glenfarclas brand.

It was the desire of the client that the new website have a vital role to play in explaining why family ownership makes for a better dram and that values of Quality & Tradition and authenticity be conveyed through the website.

The site was to be informative, easily updateable and also reinforce the attributes of their brand. It is intended that the website will be at the centre of J & G Grant future sales and marketing strategy (the company's main marketing information channel) and will become a key mechanism for developing high-value sales enquiries, supporting sales processes, developing the company's brand and reputation, increasing consumer awareness of the range of products and services offered, improving distributor and trade support.


Designers on the Run focused on the strong family heritage of the brand-now in the hands of the fifth and sixth generation of the Grants family and decided to make the family the core concept behind the design of the new website. Designers on the Run were able to create an original and stylish new site for Glenfarclas that also conveyed the strong family ideals and core message of the brand.

The website provides the user with a wealth of information regarding the history and tradition of Glenfarclas and the Grant family. It also gives valuable product information for occasional drinkers and connosieurs alike and an the opportunity for the user to become a 'member of the family' and get in touch with the distillery.