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Christmas - the time for making

This is the second year that the Ross clan have foregone the bought present and replaced it with a hand made gift.  Christmas 2015 however was a step up in creativity and skill, whereas 2014 was all bath bombs and fudge this year we had - in no particular order of greatness - a Cajon; a re-upholstered armchair; a mini greenhouse; knitted golf paraphernalia; Broughty Ferry Lego castle; and a hand made dress.

I created the dress for Lily, my 5 year old niece  Even though Lily is still young she definitely has a real sense of fashion and style and is a big fan of the party frock.  Inspired by Lily's fashionista habits and by my burgeoning interest in all things surface pattern design I decided to design a repeat pattern based on some of Lily’s favourite things which included her pet guinea pigs, ballet and crisps.  Once I was happy with the design, colour (it had to be red - Lily’s favourite colour) and the type of the repeat (brick for all you in the know) I sent it off to get digitally printed via an online print provider.  The dress was then handmade  locally by the excellent dressmaker, Kim Johnston just in the time for Christmas. This was definitely a project and present worth the pursuing to see Lily’s face light up and the dress fit her like a glove.



 Lilys dress