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Hans Klammer in Mull

As a side-line I play music with Leith/Mull band Hans Klammer.  We create music that is sometimes pop and sometimes experimental.  Our recent outing to record in Mull fell somewhere in-between. 

Recording at the glorious An Tobar is always a pleasure.  Not only does it have an amazing setting but also the staff are great, and cook a mean Mexican chilli toasty. Our vocalist Sion is the current Creative Director of Comar the arts organisation that runs An Tobar, as its Creative Director he has been part of a small team that has transformed a fairly provincial gallery displaying watercolour seascapes into a gallery that is now a destination for some of the UK's hottest artistic talent. 

Introducing Hans Klammer…

Ok, ok so we aren’t quite at that level however under the guidance of Gordon Mclean, Comers’ Musical Director and part time double bass superstar - look out for him playing with King Creosote this year - we laid down 8 tracks of material.

This was no mean feat as we started the session with a clean slate.  Twenty minute epics will be whittled down and crafted into EP2, which we hope to release in the upcoming couple of months.  So watch this space. 

In the meantime here is the results of last years An Tobar session, EP1. 

As an aside we were very excited to hear that we were played on Radio Scotland, in-between Jimmy Hendrix and Sufjan Stevens no less.