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Systal Technology Solutions

  • Client: Systal Technology Solutions
  • Service: branding print digital graphics
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SYSTAL are a Scottish based IT services company that cater for blue chip companies across the UK.

Systal's core philosophy and passion is centered on its people and customers. This central philosophy has allowed Systal to build a team of the most creative, passionate and skilled individuals that deliver a world class customer experience.

Their values are; Quality, Flexibility and Trust.

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We wanted to create a design that would deal specifically with the communication aspect of the client. SYSTAL aim to give their clients a speedy, effective and personal response to their queries.

'SYSTAL_' represents an act of doing, responding – communicating. The cursor also hints at the nature of the company and its association with computers.


The logo plays on the word 'systal' and we chose to employ only minimal graphical devices. The logo font types are 'bold' and in uppercase which we believe suits the visual look of the word 'Systal' and gives an air of confidence.

The '^' and '_' have been developed to create repeat elements to be used as decorative elements within stationery and office interior graphics.

We were also conscious of developing a logo set that would retain the brand across all social media and digital conditions.

Systal - image