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Ethical Futures - Financial Advisors

Ethical Futures are ethical financial advisors based in Edinburgh.

"Ethical investment is something where the objective is ‘values led’ and has motives beyond simply making money. Investments focus on positive reasons to invest, looking at sustainability issues and industries of the future."

Ethical Futures - left image
Ethical Futures - right image


The client required an expansion of their existing brand identity. The aim of these new sub brands was to clearly define the correct investment type for the customer. The services that Ethical Futures offer were broken down into 4 key areas; Plan, Assess, Select and On-Going. Each of these formed sub-brands upon which new identities and an iconographic system was developed. The brand development will be effective across print collateral and we have developed a new website.


The logo marks were created through using the current Ethical Futures arrow logo mark as a repeat element. These new logo marks are also used as watermarks on stationary as well as visual markers in graphics and on white papers.