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Forestry Commission Scotland

Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) is the government agency that manages the national forest estate across Scotland. Management priorities are the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the estate, the provision of appropriate recreation opportunities and sustainable timber production.

FCS has 10 forest districts across Scotland, majority of these hosting events throughout the year. The Events Guide is a free booklet distributed across Scotland. The guide is produced on an annual basis in time for the first lot of events starting around Easter.

Forestry Commission Scotland - left image
Forestry Commission Scotland - right image


Having been asked to tender for this project dotRUN were then successful in their bid to redesign this year's event guide. In 2013 the Scottish Government are focusing on 'The Year of Natural Scotland' as a chance to highlight Scotland's great natural assets and celebrate its' reputation as a land of outstanding beauty. This was to be incorporated into the guide. The original concept derives from trying to illustrate the 'tree of life' concept and thus by doing so focusing on the holistic nature of physiotherapy which the client was keen to convey through the logo. The tree's branches are made up of three lithe, sinuous, intertwined figures signifying well-being and giving an overall organic form to the logo.

The colour scheme chosen is fairly original and steers away from a conventional 'medical' related colour palette. The richness of the purple is matched by the calming brown and the palette chosen is careful not to be too gender specific.

There is also versatility in the logo as the tree element can be used independently from the logotype as a monogram or motif to further reinforce the brand.


All text was supplied by the FSC with the majority of the picture sourcing being done by dotRUN. The document was originally going to be 60 pages but with the resulting information provided it ended up being more than 80 pages long and a handy A5 format.