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Frisky Frozen Yogurt

GET FRISKY LTD. are a new specialist food outlet on the Scottish scene. Their mission is to offer the purest, most delicious and healthiest frozen yogurt (froyo) product with lush, fruity and naughty toppings. Where other froyo suppliers use milk yogurt powders in their froyos, Get Frisky Ltd. use only the real, genuine article.

In a bid to introduce frozen yogurt (aka. Froyo) north of the border, Get Frisky Ltd. approached dotrun to help them with the brand identity design for Scotland's first and only frozen yogurt outlet. Inspired by the buoyant froyo scene in London, the partners at Get Frisky Ltd. wanted to encapsulate the vibrancy and youthfulness that is evident in the froyo industry and be able to appeal to a young, mostly female audience ranging from students to professionals. Hence the brand aspired to be funky, trendy and a little bit quirky.

Frisky Froyo - left image
Frisky Froyo - right image


The brand and supporting graphics evolved from an existing logo that the client already had, with dotrun's input they were able to create a visual language that grew from and enhanced this design.

Inspired by fun and quirky Japanese style illustrations like Kawaii, dotrun thought this would be the perfect aesthetic to encapsulate a youthful brand as they would be able to create fun and imaginative characters to endorse the products and ingredients supplied by Get Frisky Ltd. It was also decided early on that there would be the creation of a main umbrella logo with sub-logos relating to their product type as the client wanted to offer hot drinks and smoothies along with their own label water.


Working alongside Michael Nelson BArch. dotrun were tasked with the creation of the large format graphics for the interior of the outlet. The client was eager to get a cool, funky, bright space created for their first outlet and we were able to conform to this whilst also retaining the integrity of the brand.

The interior graphics feature colourful fruit illustrations with a gentle nod and a wink to the city of Edinburgh with the inclusion of cute pandas, squirrels and the 'Proclaimers' Bananas.

A pathway was introduced into the shop layout as a way-finding, visual device which also forms a landscape for the vinyl graphics to sit on and an area to display the menu information.

Dotrun were also responsible for all signage and facade graphics to be used in the outlet which included the creation of a repeat pattern that is also evident in the main signage, logo and window graphics.

The resultant space ties in with the vision for Frisky and has created a bright, unique and stand-out environment to chill out in whilst you tuck into your froyo.

Frisky Froyo - image