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Playbase Training

Playbase aim to encourage the personal development of students through the provision of early years child development training for mums, dads, grandpas, grandmas, carers or those wishing to seek employment in a childcare setting. They are an independent voluntary organisation and always have the interests of their students at the heart of everything they do.

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We are fortunate that within Creative Exchange we are surrounded by talented people with a broad skill set. For this project we partnered with Ann Robb (Marketing Mentor), to handle marketing and Project management with Starbit providing the website development for the training courses. We were tasked with the redesign of the brand identity and supporting collateral for marketing.


Learning through play is what Playbase advocate therefore we believed that the brand should also be developed through play.

The philosophy of Friedrich Fröbel and in particular his creation of a set of numbered child development toys (gifts) allowed us to experiment with shapes and our only inhibition was our imagination in creating the new look brand.

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